Midnight Canopy Bathroom - Kohler Inspirations

"Step into an elegant oasis with this dreamy master bath. Enjoy astoundingly contemporary features like a digitally controlled multi-person shower, wall-mounted body sprays and an overhead rain panel that mimics the experience of a natural rainstorm. Masterful in its design, innovative technology blends seamlessly with a luxuriously dark color palette to create a decidedly modern bathroom.

Chic elements like the rich wood grain finish of the vanity and matte shimmer of the sink and faucet pairings allow your space to not only shine, but glow.

The Shagreen Sink pairs well with a contemporary, matte black faucet because they tell the same color story and each utilizes smooth design lines for a calming effect.

Exotic with a splash of cool, this sink surface reflects the shimmer of natural shark and ray leather—it’s equal parts alluring and functional.

Indulge in relaxation with concealed speakers that emit sound waves to gently massage your body and soothe all of your senses.

Compact and elegant, this intelligent toilet takes personal comfort and cleansing to a new level with personalized sound, lighting and heating options.