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Prolific Kitchen Sink

The sink is likely the most used workspace in your kitchen. Why not make it a star performer? The Prolific™ stainless steel kitchen sink features beveled tiers and five accessories that let you create a customized, multi-use workspace.

A new level of function

The Prolific sink’s ergonomic shape is created from 18-gauge stainless steel welded to form multiple levels within the sink. The levels support the sink’s accessories; letting you place each one at the height you need and move it from side to side as you’re working. When you’re done, you can either stack them off to the side or remove them from the sink completely.

Included accessories

You can use the colander and soak bin together; soak utensils and small items then lift them to quickly rinse in the colander. Or you can use each separately. The colander is great for rinsing vegetables, and the bin lets you soak small items without having to fill the entire basin. The large cutting board keeps crumbs and messes in the sink area instead of on your countertop. Slide it back and forth or move it onto another level. Two multipurpose grated racks work great as dish-drying racks, They can hold heavy pots and act as elevated workspaces for users who can’t reach the bottom of the sink.

Style and size all in one

With a 10-inch-deep bowl and modern stainless steel appearance, the Prolific sink offers a sizeable and stylish workplace to complete your kitchen tasks. In the bottom of the bowl is a large cone-shaped drain. Purposefully designed to be a larger target for vegetable clippings and other waste, this sloping drain helps you easily guide debris into the garbage disposal.

Call us today If you would like more information on how to include this product in your next remodel! We love the new innovations of Kohler and love sharing products like these with you!

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- The Team at Pete's Plumbing and Heating

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