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Garden Gallery Kitchen

Featuring her own countertop design, New York-based designer Courtney Cachet created a classic and contemporary kitchen with a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere layered in white. Her thoughtful juxtaposition of arched doorways, a ceiling grid pattern and decorative upper cabinets brings depth to the space, while the rich wood floor adds warmth. Side-by-side sinks with articulating faucets make meal prep a hands-on activity for the whole family.

Whats your favorite element in this project?

We love the subtle colors and homey but elegant design of this project!

We are Kohler Authorized Service Representatives and Kohler Leading Edge plumbers proud to bring you the best in the industry!

We hope this inspiration was helpful to you!

Call us today for more information on how to include these elements in your next project!

Thanks for reading! :)

- The Team at Pete's Plumbing and Heating

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