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Trenchless Sewer Repair

Whether you wash your dishes, use your bathroom, or do laundry, it all comes down to one pipe called your sewer lateral. When issues arise with this flow, it needs to be fixed fast before it causes excessive damage. Most of these pipes have been in the ground for years, so it may be time for an inspection! But the idea of having to dig up your entire property just to fix your sewer, sounds like a costly nightmare. That is where New England Pipe Restoration comes in!

New England Pipe Restoration is the leader in trenchless sewer repair. With their pipe lining technology, there is no need to dig up your entire property!

"Here at New England pipe Restoration we have been offering trenchless pipe repair in the greater Boston area for over 15 years. We specialized in CIPP (cured in place pipe) and offer the Perma Liner trenchless pipe lining system due to its lifetime warranty. Our customers come first, and we take that very seriously by ensuring we invest in the latest technologies to save you time and money. It’s who we are and how we do it that makes the difference.

One of our specialties with pipe lining are the roof drains and lining all types of chiller lines for chiller line replacement. With roof drain repair in Boston we are the only company proven who is capable of epoxy lining all of your standard roof drains. We also do sewer repair and storm drain repair, basically any all pipes that are damaged, faulty, cracking, leaking or just plain breaking down we can offer our state of the art trenchless pipe lining system here in the greater Boston area. Before we start any work we set out to understand the complete scope of your project and we have the equipment to see any problem up close and personal with our video inspection services. Our sewer inspection cameras are ideal to fit inside your pipe to get a first hand look and to better prepare for any sewer pipe replacement."

Why Dig When You Don't Have To?

For more information about trenchless sewer restoration,

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