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Serene Junior Master Suite Bathroom

Shay Geyer of IBB Design puts this junior master suite on the cutting edge of design with innovative amenities and coordinated decor. The KOHLER Ceric® freestanding bath provides luxurious comfort beneath large open windows and the blue, geometric wallpaper creates a serene yet energetic tone. A real rain overhead panel adds a refreshing component to the showering experience. In her design, Geyer ensures that every element of routine has been built to be more satisfying and seamless than ever before.

What is your favorite element of this design?

We love the bright energy in this room!

We are Kohler Authorized Service Representatives and Kohler Leading Edge plumbers proud to bring you the best in the industry!

We hope this inspiration was helpful to you!

Call us today for more information on how to include these elements in your next project!

Thanks for reading! :)

- The Team at Pete's Plumbing and Heating

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