Kohler Inspirations - Organic Flux Bathroom

Dynamic patterns join with organic forms to take this minimalist bathroom design to a softer, warmer side of modern. Drawing on the natural world for inspiration, from earthy tones to gently curved fixtures, the space conveys a sense of active serenity and quiet optimism that connects us with a perspective of design that draws on a more humanistic perspective of design: HUMANature.

With a private courtyard just beyond a floor-to-ceiling glass wall, the master bath draws on the natural world to reflect a sense of calm and serenity.

The vitality of the space grows out of the juxtaposition between organic tile patterns on the floor and wall and the simple, clean lines of the fixtures.

Designed to be taken in as a whole, without one element taking center stage, the styling stations feature clean-lined sinks and faucets in warm shades.

Adding to the oasis sensibility of this master bath, a toilet with integrated bidet functionality offers a clean beyond clean.

A digital showering system boosts the clean design of the room, eliminating manual controls and providing custom experiences at the touch of a button.

Crafted with a material that accommodates innovative shapes, this freestanding bath combines slender walls and a simple form for a look of refined elegance.

Polished chrome is a frequent choice for modern spaces but tends to be cool and blue-hued. Here, a titanium finish brings the same brilliance in a warm gray.