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Kohler Inspirations - American Designer in Paris Kitchen

"Inspired by her longtime love affair with the City of Light, Alison Victoria’s kitchen design combines the grandeur of Parisian architecture with the edginess of its art and fashion. Reimagining the French kitchen, Victoria blends ornate detail, clean modern lines and organic accents. The mix of traditional and modern, high-tech and hand-crafted give the kitchen and breakfast nook the ambiance of a contemporary parlor."

"A happy antique store find, the corbels that decorate the bottom of each archway set a traditional tone that contrasts beautifully with the brilliant contemporary chandelier."

"A clean matte black faucet is the right choice for a minimalist look in the task area, allowing the utilitarian elements of the kitchen to simply blend into the background"

"Sleek and unobtrusive, the single-basin stainless steel sink with crisply angled corners is given a functionality boost with smart accessories, including a rack for stemware."

"The kitchen opens into an intimate lounge area with seating for two and an elegant wet bar, a perfect spot for pre-dinner cocktails or post-dinner liqueurs."

"A vintage-style faucet in oil-rubbed bronze paired with a live-edge wood counter brings unique charm and character to the lounge area."

"Deep grays, smoky woods with cherry hues, and vibrant golds come together to create a dramatic, enticing environment."

What do you think of this design?

Call us today for more information on these products and how to add these elements to your next project! We are Kohler installation partners and Kohler authorized service reps here to bring you the newest innovations available today!

We look forward to working with you!

Thanks for reading! :)

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