Kohler Inspirations - SLANT OF LIGHT BATHROOM

"A new slant on modern style, this bathroom infuses minimalist architecture, clean lines and up-to-the-minute amenities—as high-tech as it is high design. An ultra-modern bath, intelligent bidet toilet and dressed-up styling spaces come into focus for a taste of modern lux—way ahead of its time."

"Subdued colors and natural diffuse light illuminate a tranquil atmosphere with subdued tones and a bath and toilet that double as sculptural works of art. "

"Customizable water, steam, light and music transform the ordinary shower experience into something extraordinary."

"Polished chrome, the primary finish used throughout the space, adds striking contrast to softer whites, wood textures and graphite wall colors used throughout the bathroom."

"A bidet toilet provides the ability to customize comfort and hygiene settings using high-tech features you can operate through simple controls or even a remote."

" Ambient lighting and smoky tile set the tone for a calming shower space while multiple body sprays provide a soothing water massage."

" A digital interface with easy-to-read touchscreen allows for preset control of everything in the shower, from temperature and audio to sensory therapy."