New Artist Edition Sinks

These are some of the new Artist Edition sinks by Kohler! These beautiful sinks are a work of art in your bathroom!

"Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life" - Pablo Picasso

Caravan® Nepal on Conical Bell®

"Inspired by South Asian decorative traditions, the Nepal pattern makes an artistic statement, drawing on Henna ceremonies and textile techniques to add a distinctive touch to this Conical Bell vessel sink. Delicate detailing and gentle shifts in tone and color gracefully reveal intricate pattern work. The Translucent Blue base creates a calming effect while enhancing the tone-on-tone quality."


in Midnight Floral™ on Carillon®Rectangle Wading Pool® vessel bathroom sink

"The Dutchmaster collection captures the movement and lush beauty of flowers, bringing bold artistic photography to the bathroom sink. Kohler collaborated with "florography" artist Ashley Woodson Bailey to create this exquisite floral composition. Inspired by Dutchmaster paintings of the 17th century, the glorious pattern is abloom with hellebores, fritillaries, ranunculus, and sweet pea, dramatically lit on a dark backdrop in the style of chiaroscuro painting. Rendered on the graceful contours of the Carillon vessel sink, Dutchmaster stands as a bold statement piece in the bath."

Serpentine Bronze on Conical Bell®