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Dutch Floral Bathroom - Kohler Inspiration

"A moody, romantic design is a unique and refreshing take on this traditional space. Using darkly colored décor and urbane fixtures, you can create intrigue and excitement where guests least expect it. A bold statement piece like a chic floral sink is the cherry on top of this decidedly sophisticated design.

The lavish size of a vessel sink coupled with a refined pattern like this chic floral will make your space feel fit for a queen—or any guests that deserve to feel pampered.

The excitement of a floral-inspired sink paired with the understated elegance of a minimalist faucet keeps your space looking stunningly balanced.

This black toilet is a contemporary centerpiece in more ways than one. It’s sleek in color, features a touchless flush, and conserves water—what’s more modern than that?"

Do you like this Kohler inspiration? We especially love the artist edition sink in this design!

Do you like any of these elements for your home? Call us today more information!

We are Kohler Authorized Service Representatives and Kohler Leading Edge plumbers proud to bring you the best in the industry!

We hope this inspiration was helpful to you!

Thanks for reading! :)

- The Team at Pete's Plumbing and Heating

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