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Kohler Inspirations - Into the Woods Bathroom

"Designed with the understanding that natural environments offer opportunities for reducing the stress of daily life and encourage mindful self-care, this master bath attempts to blur the edges of indoor and outdoor. Quiet neutrals, muted woods and a shower that mimics natural rain imbue the space with a peaceful tranquility."

"Designed to replicate a true rain experience, this shower takes you from a gentle drizzle to a warm summer rain and finally, if desired, to a drenching downpour."

"This easy-to-use digital interface lets you control every element of your shower, from water features to water temperature and more."

"Clean lines, a skirted base and classic design all combine to make this toilet an obvious choice for visual simplicity and easy care."

"This bath filler features a simple cylindrical design and a rose gold finish that pops off the neutral tile backdrop."

"Inspired by oil-spot glazes that originated in China, this sink is crafted using a two-step glazing process to mimic the distinctive pebbled texture of natural shark and ray leather."

What a view! Would you want this bathroom in your home?

Call us today for more information on these products and how to add these elements to your next project! We are Kohler installation partners and Kohler authorized service reps here to bring you the newest innovations available today!

We look forward to working with you!

Thanks for reading! :)

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