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Eco- Friendly Flushing

"Switching to a water-saving toilet is the single most effective change you can make in your house to conserve water. And with KOHLER technologies like our powerful AquaPiston® flush engine, you won’t have to sacrifice anything in terms of performance."

In the hopes of a greener future it is nice to know companies like Kohler are creating innovative products to conserve energy while also accommodating the performance we are used to.

Kohler offers a wide variety of water sense, water-saving toilets, consisting of different styles, designs, and technologies such as their intelligent toilets.

To see all of Kohler's Water sense toilets click here! --> Water- Saving Toilets

Once you find a toilet you like give us a call and we can take care of the order and installation for you or give you more information on how you can add a water- saving toilet to your next remodel project!

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